Product videos


Naiku is a software that allows teachers to administer standardized tests electronically. Students take the exam their device of choice. Upon completion, they receive their results instantly. Teachers monitor students progress and see how students respond to certain questions.

Upon completion, Naiku asks students to explain how they arrived at their answers, turning the test into a teaching moment. 






Naiku provides summative and formative software testing solutions for middle schools and high school students. Students take their exam on an electronic device and the software grades their test after they finish, giving them results instantly. 

In 2011 Naiku placed 2nd in the Minnesota Cup, and was awarded seed money. As a result, the company wanted to show school districts the power of their product. We helped produce a series of case study videos for them.

Naiku said the videos helped showcase the day to day operation of their product, creating awareness among representatives from school districts and potential investors and above all developed an entry to the marketplace.

In 2014 they raised over $1 million dollars in capital.